"We love because God loved us first"

Children with Disabilities and Special Needs


Growing in Grace & Gratitude supports an environment that helps children of all abilities experience God’s grace.


The Children with Disabilities and Special Needs Support Map helps leaders become familiar with developmental terms and descriptions and provides ideas for enabling all children to participate in various activities. Icons from the map and notes about specific needs are incorporated into each session.

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The Visual Schedule helps children move through the session by providing clear expectations and a visual cue for the group.


By consistently and lovingly using these tools, leaders will help their faith communities discover and practice grace-filled ways to be the body of Christ with and for all Children.

Ask for Help

A team approach to including people with disabilities in your congregation helps build understanding and knowledge in the congregation, provides support for the child and family, and makes including all of God’s children in church school an attainable goal.


Ages 3-5

Ages 5-7, 8-10 and Multiage (Ages 5-10)

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